Community Page - Making a difference


This page is to promote local  places to go - where special needs adults and children are catered for and welcomed.

Does the resturarant or cafe have picture menu's?   Does the zoo have pictures showing the animals as well as names.

Small things - that can make all the difference to special needs adults and children - giving them a sense of independance.

If you know of just the right  place - please let us know - - it is not enough just to have 'disabled'.  We want to see where the owners have made an effort -and quite often, they would not have - because they are not aware of the problems encounted.  ABCF aims to start with little changes.

Likewise - if you have encountered a problem - please let us know. 

Give us your views - is there something you as a parent/carer would like to see changed locally- please contact us.