About Amanda

Amanda ByattAmanda was born on the 27th September 1972, with a condition called 'Williams Syndrome',  a rare condition caused by missing genes. Unfortunately coupled with meningitis - diagnosed at a just a few days old - Amanda was not expected to survive.  However Amanda if nothing else, was a fighter! 

Amanda's mother wanted Amanda to experience everything she ever wanted to and the key was focussing on what Amanda could do, rather than what she couldn't 

From a very early age Amanda was to show determination to achieve what very few people ever expected her to.

Amanda learnt to swim at a very early age along with her brothers - Darren and Adam in the local river!  Then went on to compete in the Special Olmypics on two separate occasions - winning bronze medals for her swimming.

Although Amanda could not read - she could complete a 1000 piece puzzle - without looking at the picture - and if she ever had to leave it - would hide a piece - so no one else could complete it - if you did manage to place pieces - she would know!

Amanda lived life to the full.  She also had a terrific sense of humour and did not suffer fools or people trying to patronise her. 

Unfortunately her fight left her in May 2010 and following a routine operation on her bowel she became unwell and never fully recovered.


Amanda's family have set up the Amanda Byatt Care Foundation to help people with learning disabilities. 

One of our aims is to be able to provide support to special needs people whilst they are in hospital, we want Amanda's name to be synonymous in helping people just like her.  Equally - we would like to be able to provide practical support to people with special needs:  If you know someone who you think we may be able to help  - please ask them or their parent or carer to contact us.    

If you would like to know more about our Charity - please contact us via our contact page.

Please help us to help others